Jo and I have just had an excellent 14 days in Prasonisi (Rhodes, Greece) during which time we enjoyed lots of recreational sailing and 5 days of top coaching from Jem Hall. The wind varied in strength each day so Jo used sails between 3.5m and 5.9m (typically 5.3m) and I was on 4.7m, 5.2m or 5.7m whilst freestyling. I also took a couple of my RS:Slalom II sails but only used the larger one during my stay.

We even hired a car and looked around a bit of the island – Rhodes Old Town, Valley of Butterflys and the West Coast. I have been to Prasonisi four times now and this is the first time that I’ve ventured away from the beach during the daytime!

I hadn’t done any freestyle sailing since Dahab last November (almost 9 months ago) but I managed my first Spock just before Jem’s clinic started and many more during the rest of the holiday. The Spock 540 feels within close reach now and I’ve also been making some progress with Grubbys and Flakas. I’ve never really put any effort into learning them before but I do feel like they are achievable with some perseverance. All of my slidey tricks have been on port tack as I’ve seemed to struggle to get the board airbourne on starboard. However, after some gentle encouragment from Jem (a.k.a. verbal abuse) I am now jumping and popping on starboard too with the odd jump that rivals my good ones on port.

In addition to the freestyle, I did a bit of blasting on a Slalom 54 (72L) which was partnered by my 6.2m race sail. On one windy morning before the bay got too busy, I had a very consistent speed session which resulted in a number of personal records which can be found on GPS-Speedsurfing. The session average was 32.56 knots, 250m was 32.52 knots and 500m was 31.54 knots – with very little variation between runs. Given more wind I am sure that I would have improved on those speeds but in the absence of any stronger winds, I just blasted around at the back of the bay practicing my slalom sailing.

The journey home was a bit drawn out. We left the resort at 6pm on Saturday and arrived home after 9pm on Sunday (over 29 hours later). At this time, I am still waiting for news as to where my kit has got to though… it didn’t make it back to us in Luton. :/