This year I entered Weymouth Speed Week for the first time and really enjoyed myself. I went down with a few personal targets and ended up beating them all on the first day! My aims were to break 30 knots for a gps-speedsurfing session (31.44 knots), 30 knots over 500m on the GPS (31.34 knots) and 30 knots for an official >500m course (30.30 knots). I also managed to improve my nautical mile and 1 hour records on one of the lighter days. On the final day we had a master blaster and I ended up getting 3rd place which got me a DaKine hydration pack (like a Camelback). My overall rankings were 17/80 for the UKWA and 19/89 for the ISWC. All in all, a fantastic week!

Write ups for my sessions are online at gps-speedsurfing:

Saturday 4th October (photo)
Sunday 5th October
Tuesday 7th October – morning
Tuesday 7th October – afternoon (photo)
Friday 10th October (photo)