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The need for speed…

I got a new p.b. on the lake today whilst trying out a new 6.2m Neil Pryde RS:Slalom MKII with my 69L JP Slalom III.

One particularly good run peaked at just over 34 knots which is 39mph or 63kph.

Going that fast was a huge amount of fun but might have been a little scary had I lost control!

I really should update this more often!

A few windsurfing highlights from the year so far:

1) Learning to Vulcan at Brog [May] – although I only do them on port tack at the moment.
2) Learning to Spin-Loop in Prasonisi [Sept] – again, port tack only.
3) Learning to Gekko Flaka in Dahab [Nov] – another port tack move but I almost had them on starboard too.
4) Breaking 30 knots on Brogborough lake [Dec] using my JP Slalom (69L) and NP Expression (freestyle sail)!

I have loads of cool video clips to put online but need to find time to turn them into VP6 format (Flash 8+) so that they are small, good quality and can be streamed.