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Weekend in May

Phill recorded a few minutes of me sailing at Brog in May. Amongst a couple of upwind and downwind 360s are a few vulcan attempts. The one that worked was a bit scrappy but was one of the first successes. I actually did a really nice one once the camera was put away but who would believe that? ;)

Learning to loop doesn’t hurt… much!

When I heard people say that they bruised their backs learning to loop a windsurfer, I didn’t think they really meant it. I know better now! 


The need for speed…

Yesterday was the first proper day sailing since I had the metalwork removed from my ankle. To avoid being tempted to try any ankle tweaking manouvres such as vulcans, I opted to take out my slalom kit for a bit of a  blast.

After a couple of hours blasting around on my JP Slalom 114 with a 7.0m Lightning, I hopped onto Phill’s iSonic 87 and spent the next couple of hours blasting back and forth across Brog as fast as I could get it to go.

During the session I got some nice gybes in and also did a couple of duck gybes (not a bad achievement on a 7.0m cammed sail). I now feel ready to resume racing on Thursday nights!