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At last!

I managed to get out on the water today… the first time since my accident in December. The weather was great – 14 degrees, sunny and a nice force 5 wind coming from the south west. Although my ankle is still not quite right I managed to have a good sail and called it quits just before an hour was up, having clocked up about 12 miles on the GPS.

Windsurfing Clips

I have added a couple of my windsurfing clips from Dahab.

A nice smooth Duck Gybe and an amusing attempt at an Essex Duck!

Both can be accessed from ‘Windsurfing Clips’ section, listed under ‘Pages’.

Windsurfing Photo Gallery

I’ve added a small selection of windsurfing photos from the past few years.

They can be accessed from the link on the right hand side of this page (under the ‘Windsurfing’ section).

We Have Lift Off!

Since I have owned the domain for about 8 weeks now I thought that it was about time that I put a page up!

I’ve installed WordPress and after about an hour of tinkering, the page seems to be looking pretty good.

For now, I’ve just done a couple of posts relating to when I injured my ankle in December. I am without crutches nowadays but still working on getting it back to full strength.