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The Bionic Man

After a couple of nights in hospital, the ankle has now been pinned together!

Seven weeks in plaster will follow and no weight bearing allowed.

Front view shows a nice straight ankle again!Side view shows the plate, 2 screws in the tibia and temporary screw through the fibula and tibia

Snap, Crackle and Pop

No, I’m not talking about rice crispies! Those are the sounds that my ankle made as I came off my land windsurfer at speed (a kind of mountain board with a sail).

The net result was a badly damaged ankle; visibly dislocated, torn ligaments (no doubt) and 3 breaks (two obvious ones in the fibula and a broken-off ankle bone at the bottom of the tibia). Apparently the medical term is a Weber-C fracture and several doctors seemed particularly interested in it!

Polaroid X-ray